Viernes, Junio 23, 2017
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painful anal rape

painful anal rape

She was headed for her day lengthy session with Jennifer Lopez, ready to be her gimp for the day, residence up as a deal inbetween Jennifer and domina Whitney. She had heard rumour that Jenny had been coerced to submit to dominatrix Whitney to hold this opportunity. This conception concerned Beyonce fairly a bit., she wondered exactly how Great Jennifer must want to predominate her. But concerned or not she shivered with anticipation and enlivenment as well. This outlandish lifestyle she was liking had opened her eyes fully and she sensed a different person than the one she was musty to her subjugation. The opportunity to conform to a original domme was nigger creampies something that she looked forth to and relished, but again, it was novel and a lil' panicking.

It was early morning (J-Lo had Beyonce as her mega-bitch for the day and wished to compose the most of it) and there was dinky traffic to tiring the car as it slipped thru the city streets on it's Plan to Jennifer's expensive city plane. The driver looked in their mirror at the passenger, taking in her breathtaking shape. She was in profile as she sat looking out the tinted windows

The car slowed as it approached the thick house where Jenny lived, it cruised fleshy the side then tidily ducked into the immense stone archway, halted at the automatic gate which lifted instantly (their arrival being monitored from above) and headed down a concrete ramp that led down to a chilly, stone underground garage. The driver brought the lengthy car to a cessation next to the elevator door that would occupy Beyonce up to her dominatrix for the day. Before either occupant of the vehicle could scurry the elevator doors slipped start and out stepped Jennifer Lopez. She looked simply glowing, but also immensely urinated off. She was clad in an apparel that would own dissolved your eyes it was so warm. From the bottom up: she wore a cock-squeezing pair of glossy downhearted-hued calf length leather, stiletto heeled, shoes. Above them up to her genitals was a killer expanse of suntanned Latino flesh. She had on the tightest, shadowy-hued, leather fetish harness imaginable. It had been tightened perversely by a series of laces up her encourage to give her a microscopic midbody and the slick fabric disappeared inbetween her silken hips mysteriously. meantime, the taut harness had reamed her mounds to almost overflowing and gave her a bosom to die for. Her mitts were enveloped in lengthy, ebony, leather gauntlets and the left one restricted in it a railing whip.

Her hair was pulled befriend sharply on her face providing her a cruel, stern Look and her shaded eyes gawped with threaten at the car and it's occupants. She strutted via to the car and tapped the lash against the driver's window.

'score out!' she snapped.

Beyonce stayed exactly as she unwanted creampie was, the guideline was apparently directed at the driver. The chauffeur stepped out of the front door and stood before the inflamed raging Latino dame.